Great Options for the Online Slots Now

The secret way to win at slot machines is yes, there is such a way. And it will exist for some time. There were several cases in my memory when there were so-called holes or bugs in the program of the gaming machine, when it was possible to get up decently, but basically it was a costly action, and these holes were very quickly detected and as soon as possible patched.

Win on slot machines: “Remote mode” with the help of mob. Phone

A special program on your mobile phone will signal at the moment when the slot machine should give a good win. You need to press the start button and pick up your prize.

A remote way to win with a mobile phone

The crooks in St. Petersburg came up with a bug to fix these devices. They even created a method how to later recognize such an apparatus. The detection method is simple. When the online slots UK player has 10 credits it was necessary to install the 7-line and make one scroll (click on the start). If the balance of 3 credits automatically is registered in the current betting window then Рthe machine is amused, if not Рthen no.

A positive test result provides an opportunity to start winning by guessing in doubling (black – red). When you determine that this machine has a bug, you will need to enter the activator to activate it – a sequential combination in the doubling mode.

After the last character of the activator was introduced, the bug is activated and the gaming machine is turned on for recoil. You can guess the color of the map by clicking on any color (whatever color you pressed it will be correctly guessed) and so 10 guessing in a row. Those. if you win 1000 credits, then you can freely double it to a million. After that, the bug turned off and waited for the next combination to activate it.

In all there were 8 codes for activation.

Each activation code started the bug only once and for the repetition it was necessary to enter the next one. The easiest way to always work the same code – to zero entered. This was done in a simple way – turn off the power of the machine and not turn it on again in 10 seconds or more. The code of the activator was reset and it could be entered again. And so it is infinite.

The Secret to Winning

Hacking for the block (computer) devices also did not pass by. There were many files for these devices. The legacy files replace the originals on the block if they fit the size.

Secret To Win

The secret of how to win at the Magic Money machine

The popular name for online slots UK¬†players is suitcases. This is where during the bonus game (when the dragon is sitting in a cage) it was necessary to catch credits until the moment the dragon flew out of the cage and appeared on the screen. So, the secret was that at the moment when the dragon flew out of the cage – open the machine door and turn it by the administrator’s key. After that, the dragon was again in the cage and the bonus with free games continued. So it was possible to save up a lot of loans and go in good stead.

The Secret to Winning on the Book Of Ra Automaton

in the common people – books. This is where to get into the bonus it was necessary to catch three books on the drums. And again the secret was based on the bonus (while his machine will give out you could spend a lot of time and money).

At the time when the reels appeared three books the bonus was launched, at that moment it was necessary to hold down the “service” button (it was then turned off) and choose the symbol – which would become “wild” during free games. Mostly they chose a cowboy (a man in a hat).